Holding TOP INFO

“Through Holistic Health Care system, we are able to bridge new strength of long-term care and medical treatment”

Holding TOP INFO.CO., Ltd was formally established in 2008. Our service industry includes medical care, health care, logistics, finance, and TEMP.

We have undertaken a number of central and local government projects, and we are currently the most specialized in the design and integration of information service providers in the field of medicine and healthcare.

Services of the relevant government agencies include : Ministry of Health and Welfare (Social and Family Affairs Administration , Health Promotion Administration , Department of Nursing and Health Care , Food and Drug Administration) , Taipei government, New Taipei government, Taichung government, Kaohsiung government , Taipei city hospital , 1111 , MiTAC , Wowprime , HCT , CTBC bank , TSBank , FETnet , Fu-Ming Transport , Ma Kuang Pte Ltd… , and other related enterprises such as medical care and medical appliances in China.

The team members have rich experience in the industry, oriented to the industry’s practical needs and user experience, and are committed to developing a stable, smooth, intensive and humane system.