ACRO Biomedical

“The pioneer of tissue engineering”

ACRO Biomedical was established in June 2014. In August of the same year, Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan granted ACRO Biomedical the use of a standard manufacturing facility in Southern Taiwan Medical Device Industry Cluster. In collaboration with Animal Technology Laboratories (ATL) of Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI), ACRO Biomedical aims to develop medical-grade regenerative biomaterials.

To this end, ACRO Biomedical draws on the best and the brightest of major science and technology research institutes and biomedical research centers in Taiwan. Its shareholders include major corporate partners, seasoned biotechnology and chemical engineering companies of Taiwan, professors of major teaching and research institutes, and renowned medical doctors. The biomaterials in development will be used for tissue repairs in areas such as orthopedics, dentistry, cardiovascular grafts, ophthalmology, surgeries, wound repairs, sports injuries, and etc.